Art therapy can be practiced both in a one on one and group setup. Currently I am offering thematic self-awareness group sessions in central Lisbon.

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How can you benefit from art therapy?

Emotional exploration and healing

Artistic expression allows you to delve into your emotional landscape, gain insights into the underlying causes of your emotional experiences, and initiate the healing process. The act of creating art can be cathartic, providing relief, and promoting emotional well-being. During an art therapy session, we never aim to create the ‘perfect piece’, but we stay curious about what wants to be unfolded on the paper in the here and now.

Self-reflection and personal growth

Art therapy fosters self-reflection and encourages personal growth. As you engage in art-making, you can develop a deeper understanding of your uniqe strengths and shadow parts that might not welcomed in everyday life. The art created serves as a mirror, reflecting your inner thoughts, desires, and conflicts.

and resilience

Engaging in the creative process allows you to experiment, take risks in a safe environment, overcome challenges, building confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Through art therapy, you can learn to trust your creative instincts, develop problem-solving skills, and embrace your unique perspectives.

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