I find it important to highlight that creating art can be therapeutical and has a healing effect on it’s own. So hereby I would like to encourage you to practice it time to time and be brave enough to experiment and not just try to create ‘the perfect piece’. In my newsletter I also regularly share some exercises that you can try out alone, together with your friends you trust, or with your significant other.

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However, there could be certain challenges in your life that require a more complex, structured and guided process with a specific healing or development target. I can offer you support through the art-making, helping you to gain insights, process emotions, and work towards personal growth and healing. So here is what art-therapy is about. 


Art therapy is a proven and effective alternative healing method that combines various approaches to involve the mind, body, and spirit in ways that go beyond talking. It uses movement (while making art), senses, perception, and symbols to create alternative ways of communicating, overcoming the limitations of language; visual and symbolic expression gives voice to your personal experiences and your artwork will become the vehicle for communication, reflection and understanding of your thoughts and emotions. Research has shown that engaging in creative activities can reduce stress and have a positive impact on your mental health, regardless of your artistic skills. Art therapy uniquely offers a space for you to express yourself creatively, which is not commonly found in other classical therapeutic approaches. If you are facing any physical, emotional or cognitive challenges, art therapy can provide you with new ways of understanding yourself and other and can raise your empathy, self-compassion and self-esteem. 

This form of healing can be also used to cultivate emotional resilience, enhance social skills, reduce – or even resolve – conflicts and distress. It can be also a great additional method to anyone who might find that they reached a limit with classical talking therapy and not able to move forward with it; art therapy can help with mobilizing your inner world and release pent-up emotions that are unconsciously blocking positive change.

About the Catharsis Complex art therapy method™ (we are mainly using this specific methodology with time to time additional elements from other schools) 

The main characteristic of the method is the artificially induced experience of catharsis (through relaxation, listening to music and poems), which can result in a certain degree of altered state of consciousness and heightened emotions. The aim of catharsis is to bring unconscious or only partially conscious parts of the self to the surface, express them symbolically in the artwork and process them with feedback and verbalisation. One of the specialities of the method is that – due to the complexity and thematic nature of the sessions – your artistic creations can combine your own individual life, unique spiritual world and and the collective unconscious and conscious archetypes with transpersonal elements. 

The goal of the catharsis complex art therapy is to initiate inner spiritual movements that are a prerequisite for health maintenance and healing processes and facilitate the flow between the conscious and unconscious worlds.

We work with ‘thematic gestures’ (such as the natural cyclicity, the four elements, etc…) instead of concrete themes, which allows improvisation and create a space for everyone’s stories to be unfold on the paper. Consciously chosen art materials are always key: different artistic tools and techniques activate and develop different areas of the personality and psychological functions. There are materials that are great i.e. for grounding, developing emotional control, or letting emotions flow freely. During the session we work with aquarell, clay, soft and oil pastels, charcoal, montage and collage tecniques. 


I am looking forward to meet with you on the group sessions, or work with your company.
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I would be glad to consult about your individual needs and provide a tailored solution to your specific challenges. For more information about the prices and the details, please drop me a message and let’s chat!

In my newsletter I also regularly share some exercises that you can try out alone, together with your friends you trust, or with your significant other. If you want me to send you these practices, just click here:

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